Tribal Action Group

RELEASE NAW OHN HLA FROM PRISON: Burma Government - Release her now and Aung Sun Suu Kyi open your mouth.
KAREN MARTYR'S DAY: Ethnic People Must Unite and resist the NCA


The KNDO and Pink Jade Education Fund support the school at Mu Aye Pu in Karen State.
ORGANIC FARMING IN KAREN STATE: Indigenous Karen practicing organic farming in the Salween Peace Park.
BURMA GOVERNMENT IS A MILTARY MAFIA: Ethnic Nationalities Protest at Australian Parliament House
BURMA ARMY GO HOME; Ethnic Nationalities protest against Burma Army. 
SAVING THE SALWEEN: Indigenous Karen People and KESAN defend their ancestral land in Karen State. 
HEART FOR FREEDOM:The story of the Karen and the world's longest war. 55 minute feature documentary.
YOU ARE COMMANDO: KNDO COMMANDO TRAINING: KNDO soldiers train in Karen State. If you want peace - prepare for war. 
KAREN REVOLUTION DAY 2015 AT KNDO BASE CAMP: KNLA, KNU PC, DKBA, KNDO, UNFC and Australian MP Luke Simpkins attneded.
REVOLUTION DAY: KNDO: The Karen celebrate revolution day in Karen State. Decades of war and persecution by the Burmese government and yet the Karen never surrender. 
KAREN SOLDIER: Defending their People since 1949
KAREN ACTION MINE CENTRE: Land Mine Clearence in Karen State: KMAC and KNDO
LETS DEFEAT THE (BURMESE) LION REGIME: A KNDO soldier sings a freedom song in the jungles of Kawthoolei. The principals of Saw Ba U Gyi must be followed.
RUMBLE IN THE JUNGLE: KNDO: The KNDO host traditional Karen boxing in Karen State
WELCOME TO KAWTHOOLEI: DKBA AND KNU RE-UNITE:  In 2010 the first units of the KNU and DKBA re-united. 
KNU AND DKBA RE-UNITE: In 1995 the Karen forces split spurred by a Burmese intelligence operation to 'divide and rule" the ethnic freedom fighters. Now in 2013 the Karen re-unite at brothers in arms. 
CHILDREN ARE OUR FUTURE: KNDO: The plight of refugees, orphans and disadvantaged children along the Thai - Burma border. Humanitarian projects by the KNDO. 
LANDMINES IN BURMA: The Burmese offensives against the ethnic peoples has caused untold suffering over the years. The scourge of land mines is result of Burma's ongoing war against the ethnic nationalities. 
KAREN PRIDE AND UNITY: The Karen people continue to fight for freedom in Kawthoolei. 
KNU REBUILD VILLAGE AFTER BEING BURNED DOWN BY BURMESE GOVERNMENT: KNDO rebuild destroyed villages and supports the people in Karen State. 
KAREN STATE - VILLAGES, LAND MINE VICTIMS, REFUGEES AND WAR: For decades the Burmese government has attacked the ethnic nationalities in Burma causing untold suffering. 
KNU REJECTS BURMA'S SHAM ELECTIONS: Colonel Nerdah Mya speaks about the sham elections and unjust Burmese constitution of 2010.  
MONTAGNARDS: ABANDONED TO THE WOLVES 2018: Former POW Bobby Garwood discusses his wartime experiences with the Montagnards. Bobby Garwood was a POW in VIetnam from 1965 - 1979. 
FORGOTTEN ALLIES: THE MONTAGNARDS: Once an ally to the United States the indigenous Montagnards are brutally persecuted by the Vietnam government. 
OBAMA ADMINSTRATION BETRAYS CHRISTIAN MONTAGNARDS: Once allies with the United States during the Vietnam War, the Obama administration has betrayed the Christian Montagnards. In 2014 the Obama administration refuses to utilise the Federal Religious Act to protect Christian Montagnards. 
MONTAGNARDS WERE LOYAL US ALLIES: The Montagnards were loyal allies to US forces during the Vietnam War. Today they remain virtually forgotten by the US government and Vietnam/US push for trade deals and military cooperation. 
MONTAGNARD HISTORY & CULTURE: The history of these ancient peoples, who have had their way of life crushed by the Vietnamese communist government. 
KILLINGS AND TORTURE OF MONTAGNARDS: Death in the Highlands: The Vietnamese government has killed and tortured these ancient peoples.  
MONTAGNARD DEGAR TORTURE VICTIMS SPEAK OUT: The indigenous Degar people suffer brutal persecution by the communist government of Vietnam. 
HUNDREDS OF DEGAR MONTAGNARD PRISONERS UNJUSTLY HELD: Vietnam has imprisoned and tortured hundreds of Christians and land rights activists in Vietnam. 
MASSACRE AT DAK SON: During the Vietnam War the communists committed brutal atrocities against the indigenous peoples. 
VIETNAM PERSECUTES CHRISTIAN HOUSE CHURCHES: Since 1975 until the present - Vietnam has officially persecuted indigenous Christians.
VIETNAM - DEFORESTATION AND ILLEGAL LOGGING OF INDIGENOUS LANDS: VIetnam continues with illegal logging and land confiscation. 
ViIETNAM - REFUGEE PERSECUTION OF CHRISTIAN MONTAGNARDS:  Vietnam pays bounties to Cambodian authorities for Montagnard refugees fleeing religious persecution. 
LANDS RIGHTS ABUSES AND TRANSMIGRATION: Since 1975 Vietnam has forcibly removed indigenous Montagnards off their ancestral lands. 
DEGAR WOMAN NAMED "PUIH HBAT" IMPRISONED IN VIETNAM: A Montagnard Christian describes how his wife was imprisoned for many years for simply praying in her village. 
DEATH IN THE HIGHLANDS DOCUMENTARY TRAILER: Once loyal allies to the US, the Montagnards today suffer revenge and brutal repression by the Vietnamese communist government. 
DEGAR MONTAGNARD PRISONERS TORTURED:  Over 300 Montagnard prisoners arrested and tortured. 
ETHNIC RISING - NORTHERN ALLIANCE: The Kahcin and Arakan Amry united (with TNLA and Kokang Forces) to defend their ancestral land from the Tatmadaw.
KACHIN IDPs APPEAL: LIGHT FOR THE PEOPLE: Over 100,000 internatlly displaced Kachin civilans struggle to survive in Kachin State.
SIEGE OF KACHIN STATE: In 2011 the Burmese Military attacked the ethnic Kachin people causing tens of thousands of refugees and many deaths. The war continues today virtually ignored by the international community.  
Arakan People are the original people of Arakan State.
ARAKAN ARMY 2018 - THE WAY OF RAKHITA: Men and women soldiers of the Arakan Army unite with Kachin and other ethnc forces to get freedom for all ethnic people. 
DREAM IN OUR HEARTInterview and footage of the Arekan Army
MASSACRE AT MRAUK U: Burmese Authorities Shoot Arakan Buddhist Civilians
EPISODE 1: Dr. Sabine (with her 8 kids) move to Karen State to work with the KNDO.
KNDO JUNGLE DOCTOR AND THE BEARS OF MU AYE PU: EPISODE 2: Dr Sabine has now adopted two Asian Black Bears.
KNDO JUNGLE DOCTOR: EPISODE 3: Caves and bears at Mu Aye Pu village.
CHIN WRESTLING: Chin National Day in Western Australia 2019
PINK JADE BOARDING HOUSE STARTED 2013 : In 2012- 2013 Pink Jade Educational Fund and the KNDO started a plan to build a boarding house for disadvantaged children and orphans in Karen State. 
BOARDING HOUSE COMPLETED IN KAREN STATE 2014: Pink Jade Educational Fund and the KNDO competed a boarding house for orphans and disadvantaged children in Karen State. 
MAE TAO CLINIC: Mae Tao Clinic is a humanitarian medical clinic operating on the Thai Burma Border. Founded by renowned former refugee - Dr. Cynthia Maung.
MIGRANT EDUCATION: Four Projects along the Thai Burma Border.